A day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 4 to 18 in Shebbear, Devon

Prep School

Shebbear College Prep School caters for pupils in Years 3 - 6 (aged 7 - 11 years old).

Housed in its own building, close to both the Senior School and the Pre-Prep, it is a big part of the Shebbear College community. 

From the moment you walk into the Prep School, you immediately feel what a warm, friendly and welcoming place it is. The greatest strength is, of course, our pupils. They are happy, friendly and polite, treating each other with consideration and kindness, supporting each other and accepting their differences. 

We are a small school where every child’s individuality can be celebrated and unique strengths and talents can shine. Our pupils are secure and happy and as a result they are enthusiastic and fully engaged in lessons.

Our commitment to small class sizes means that they are confident and not afraid to express their thoughts and feelings or to share any worries or concerns they may have.

Our experienced Prep School staff are committed to developing the full potential of our pupils and will always look for ways to nurture their particular strengths and interests.

Every child learns differently and our teachers use various teaching and learning styles to cater for a range of abilities, meaning that each child has the opportunity to grow, develop and thrive.

We encourage everyone to pursue their strengths, but also to work hard at the things that don’t come so easily and to take on new and exciting challenges - to give everything a go and get stuck in!

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