A day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 4 to 18 in Shebbear, Devon

Shebbear Community

At Shebbear College we are more than just a school. We are a community where teachers, pupils and parents work together to create a motivating, friendly, safe and secure learning environment for everyone.

We are a ‘family’ where teachers go the extra mile to help, pupils support each other and new suggestions and ideas are welcomed. 

According to research, pupils in schools with a strong sense of community are more likely to be academically motivated, to act ethically and altruistically, to develop social and emotional competencies and to avoid a number of problem behaviors.

We work hard to maintain our friendly Shebbear community, and as a result our pupils are committed to our values and goals, kind, polite and proud to be Shebbearians.

Our Student Council provides an opportunity for pupils to have a voice. It includes representatives from all year groups across the school, nominated by their classmates, who are encouraged to put forward their ideas. All suggestions are listened to, from the innovative to the bizarre, and many are made into a reality - pupils are confident to talk to teachers about things that are bothering them and can even get a rule changed if they think it is unfair.

Alongside the care and attention we give to our pupils is our excellent communication with parents. All of our teachers are available for a chat at any time, in person or virtually. We regularly write home and keep our parents up to date with school life. Parents’ meetings and curriculum events are held regularly and we also have parent communication groups in certain areas, where ideas and suggestions for improvement are put forward to staff members.

Our Old Shebbearians also play a big part in the school community, often coming back to offer careers advice and help. Once you have been to Shebbear, you never really lose that special bond and our alumni network is incredibly strong. 

In addition to our school community, we have strong links locally, working with groups, clubs and businesses in the area. We work closely with Shebbear Community Primary School in the village and often run outreach opportunities for pupils there and from other local schools. 

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