A day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 3 to 18 in Shebbear, Devon

Scholarships & Bursaries

A wide variety of scholarships and Bursaries are offered at Shebbear College.


At Shebbear College we offer a range of Scholarships to talented pupils looking to join our Form 1 (Year 7), Form 3 (Year 9) or Lower Sixth for Academia, Music, Sport, Art and Drama

Scholarships are awarded annually to talented pupils who will make an outstanding contribution to the school, and are conditional upon the recipient’s active and full participation in appropriate activities at Shebbear.

Shebbearian Awards

In addition to the above Scholarships, we also offer Shebbearian Awards to candidates who are above average academically but can also demonstrate excellence in at least one other area of the school curriculum. Shebbearian Awards are available to outstanding pupils in all year groups across the Senior School and Sixth Form. 

Sixth Form OSA Scholarship

The Old Shebbearians’ Association (OSA) is committed to providing a Shebbear education to pupils from all sectors of the community, regardless of household income. There are two OSA Scholarships available each year to talented and gifted pupils entering the Sixth Form which can account for a significant reduction in fees. 


As well as Scholarships, we are able to offer fees assistance through means-tested Bursaries, based on parental income. 

Your son or daughter may be eligible for a means-tested bursary if your family is not in a position to cover the full fees. Bursaries are calculated by the Finance Office and can offer a reduction in fees according to parental income. Applicants will be asked to submit evidence of income and other financial information and this will be reviewed annually. There is a finite amount of capital in the bursary scheme, therefore the number of bursaries is limited.
MIST Bursaries

For families within the Methodist Church, bursaries are also available via the Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST). MIST administers a Methodist Bursary Fund which enables children from Methodist families to attend the Senior School as day pupils or boarders.

How to apply

Scholarships are awarded annually in January, when we hold auditions and interviews.
Please contact our Registrar, Emily, on 01409 282009 or for more information on Scholarships and Bursaries and how to apply.

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