A day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 4 to 18 in Shebbear, Devon

Part of ILG

Our school is part of the Inspired Learning Group (‘ILG’) of independent schools and nurseries.

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Our Aim

ILG strives to create safe and inspiring educational environments where children can grow into positive and impactful members of society who will, one day in turn, shape the outlook of the next generation. Our schools and nurseries combine traditional values and forward-thinking ideas to help every single pupil realise their potential, so they are prepared to take on jobs that have not yet been invented.

Our Philosophy

ILG believes, first and foremost, in putting your child at the heart of everything we do. We endeavour to provide educational excellence within a culture of care to nurture each pupil the best we can. We want to offer a wide range of opportunities, both academic and extra-curricular, so that all our children are endowed with the spirit to aspire and become twenty first century citizens.

The Advisory Board

Shebbear College's Advisory Board is composed of individuals from both within the Inspired Learning Group (ILG) team and those with connections to our school. Their responsibilities align with standard Board of Governors’ functions encompassing the school’s vision, ethos, and strategic direction. The Board also establishes and reviews policies and procedures – ensuring leadership accountability for school management, educational provision, and compliance with legal and DfE requirements.

Additionally, the Board contributes to inspections, monitors and evaluates performance to enhance standards, ensures students’ welfare and pastoral care, supports leaders, and provides recommendations to the Proprietor, always prioritising the school’s best interests with integrity and objectivity. The SLT reports to the Board periodically through formal meetings and regular contact with the Chair and other members of the ILG executive team. To ensure complete governance, the Board operates through two committees, Education and Compliance, both of which feed into a Full Board, thus providing a comprehensive approach to direct our school’s success and growth.

Amit Mehta, ILG Proprietor: [email protected]

Wrichik Majumder, ILG Head of Finance

Carrie Askew, Board Level Lead for Safeguarding and Health & Safety: [email protected]

James Fowler, Chair of Advisory Board: [email protected]

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