A day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 4 to 18 in Shebbear, Devon

Mission, Vision, Aims & Ethos

Our world is changing fast and we recognise that we must continue to revolutionise our teaching and learning and adapt our academic community so that our pupils thrive, whilst retaining our individual focus and our community values. Below, you can read our Strategic Development Plan, which has been developed in response to research and consultations carried out with our staff, pupils and parents, and represents a summary of the overall priorities for Shebbear College from 2020 - 2025.

Our Vision

We aspire to be nationally and internationally recognised as an innovative and sustainable school at the leading edge of education and wellbeing. Our genuine passion to understand our ambitious pupils as individuals will enable us to develop their potential, inspiring and empowering them to be the very best they can be - academically, socially and morally.

Our Mission

We are a school which truly understands and cares about each individual. Pupils benefit from our smaller size, nurturing community and pioneering methods of teaching and learning. We will challenge and inspire our pupils through interactive, supportive and creative teaching, discovering and devising innovative methods and content to ensure that each individual is getting the very best tailored learning experience throughout their time at Shebbear College.

We will shape each individual experience, develop each individual talent and celebrate each individual personality. We will unlock the potential in each pupil inspiring their ambition and passion for learning and for life.

Our Ethos and Values

Our philosophy is based on our six core values: Confidence, Courage, Courtesy, Creativity, Compassion and Curiosity. 

We encourage our pupils to discover these qualities in themselves, allowing them to grow in
mind, body and spirit. As a school with strong Christian foundations, these values permeate everything we do and reinforce our strong Shebbear community.

Our Aims

We are extremely proud of our enthusiastic and ambitious pupils, who demonstrate our six Shebbear values in all that they do. Our Aims for our pupils are:

  • To instil the confidence to be themselves, to express their opinions, to believe in themselves and to pursue their ambitions
  • To build the courage to make mistakes and learn from them, the resilience and persistence to bounce back and try again and the spirit to take measured risks and embrace new opportunities. 
  • To encourage our pupils to be courteous, polite and thoughtful members of the local and global community. Courtesy shines through in all our pupils and is often commented on by visitors to the school.
  • To inspire the creativity to explore. Self-discovery and creative expression are encouraged and there is no pressure to conform to stereotypes. We see things – and pupils - differently and celebrate uniqueness and individuality.
  • To nurture the compassion to respect the needs of others and show acceptance, tolerance and care. Our pupils are kind. They are unpretentious and modest, aware and understanding of their own and others’ feelings and beliefs.
  • To awaken the curiosity to learn, ask questions, investigate concepts and seek new experiences . Our pupils are ambitious and inquisitive, inspired by their teachers and by the world around them.

Our Plan

Please read our Strategic Development Plan for 2020 - 2025 here.

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