Travel Information for Day Pupils

Daily buses to and from Shebbear College

Please click here for our current schedule of daily buses, pick-up and drop-off locations and timetable.

Please note that this schedule is subject to adjustment so please contact the School Reception if you require more information.

Travel Information for our International Pupils

Travel to and from Heathrow

As always at the beginning and end of a term we put on a large coach to go to Heathrow, to take or collect the students on the boarder’s travel date. The cost of the coach is shared between however many are travelling.

Start of Term

Students travel on Boarders Return date. The coach arrives at Heathrow from approx 5.00am. As we are about 5 hours from the airport and a large number of our students have had long haul flights and also to comply with drivers permitted driving hours, it is hoped to leave the airport no later than 11.30am. This means parents are requested to book flights arriving no later than 10.30am (the earlier the better).

End of Term

Students travel on Boarders Depart day. The bus leaves the college at approx 9.00am to arrive at the airport for 2.00pm. Parents are advised not to book flights departing any earlier than 4.30pm. This allows for checking in time and possible delays on route.

Half Term

Students travel on the day the school breaks up and return on boarders return date.

With the growing number of European students we will also be running either a coach or mini bus to Heathrow at half terms. The cost will be shared between however many are using the bus. The time for departure flights are the same. For return journeys the bus will arrive at Heathrow from 8.00am and leave no later than 2.00pm. Flights arriving between 8.00am and 12.00 noon are ideal. If travel is not possible on the days or times specified, individual transport will have to be arranged. Permission must also be sought from the Headmaster for travel on any other day than that specified.

Travel to and from other locations

For travel to and from other locations, we use either a local taxi firm or school taxi drivers (all of whom are CRB checked and are known to us).

Situated where we are, this can be very expensive for the parents. For example, a taxi to Exeter airport from school is currently around £70, around £220-£240 to Heathrow (depending on waiting time) and around £120 to Bristol Airport.

If the student is old enough and can travel on their own they can travel down to Exeter on National Express coach or train and then taxi or bus to college or vice-versa. This works out a lot cheaper than taxi all the way.

If others are travelling at the same time to or from the same destination it will be possible for them to share taxis. If we have more than four students travelling to the same destination it may be possible to organise a school mini bus. Again the cost would be shared between the students travelling.

It is important for the parents to let us know flight details and travel plans as early as possible so that travel can be arranged in good time. We endeavour to keep the cost as low as possible for the parents but, as you can see, using the supplied coach from Heathrow is the cheapest method of travel.