Shebbear College is committed to the concept and practice of sustainability.

Our Commitment

We have a number of sustainability initiatives in place and are committed to future developments on our school campus.

This includes a catering policy which favours locally sourced produce, a comprehensive energy and waste management system, pupil involvement in sustainability and environmental matters, participation in Eco Schools, World AIMS, a Fair Trade shop, two biomass installations and a solar array.

Renewable Energy

In and beyond the classroom we are making strong efforts to make ourselves more sustainable .One of the most measurable ways is through our Renewable Energy Strategy which involves a number of components.

Solar Array

We have installed a 120kw Solar Array on the school site. This system feeds into our electricity usage and provides part of the electricity we consume which previously came from fossil fuels.

2 Biomass Plants

Our two biomass plants (200kw and 400kw) provide heat and hot water to our buildings on campus. These replaced 12 boilers and the school is now off oil. The system runs on wood chip sourced from local sustainable supplies. We have an oil fuelled back-up boiler.

What Next?

Our Aspirations

A 50kw wind turbine would provide payback within 5 years. We have plans to install electric car charging points, air source and ground source heat pumps and solar thermal panels.

Feeding all of our energy statistics into a management system which can be accessed by our pupils will allow us to integrate studies of renewable
energy into our school curriculum.