Severe Weather Announcement

There are currently no announcements or expected disruption to school routine.

Severe Weather Conditions

During the winter months severe weather conditions may make it impossible for pupils and staff to come to the College. These conditions are rare and are unlikely to occur every year and our aim is always to keep the College open, however, our priority must be the safety of our pupils and staff.

When such weather conditions occur I would like parents to be aware of the following routine:-

Parents should not attempt to make the journey to the College if road conditions are dangerous. This ensures the complete safety of your children.

Please avoid telephoning the College before you have checked this page of the website.

In such circumstances we will be liaising closely with the bus companies that we use. They follow Devon County Council advice on whether or not it is safe to travel. This information will usually be available by 0630hrs and posted at the top of this page of the website.

At the first sign of a heavy snow fall (or other extreme weather) making the journey to or from school potentially dangerous, the College will post regular updates of any potential College closure (for day pupils) on this page and will email everyone on our newsletter distribution list to alert them to the fact that the College might be closed and whether pupils should attend or not. The website will also include information about whether the College will close early and how parents should collect their children.

News of school closures is also available on Heart FM and BBC Radio Devon.  We will inform them but cannot guarantee that they will relay information in time for your child’s journey to Shebbear.

If the bad weather continues, every effort will be made to keep the College running to a normal working routine but coaches may leave School early before darkness sets in.

Senior School pupils will be encouraged to use mobile telephones to contact their parents to keep them informed. Telephones will be made available for all pupils on request.

Notices will be placed around the College and every effort will be made to contact parents about special arrangements such as the cancelling of after School clubs etc.

Parents may collect children early from the College but should inform the College if they plan to do this and the pupils must sign out from the school office.

In the most extreme conditions, parents can be assured that their children will remain in warm, safe and dry conditions until the situation improves.

In such circumstances boarding accommodation will be available to day pupils.  Parents should contact the school office or Mr Matt Newitt if they wish to arrange this.

The same Severe Weather arrangements apply to the entire College (including Pre-Prep and Prep School) so that there is consistency for siblings within the College.