Senior Curriculum

IMG_6099Our curriculum is planned to ensure a breadth and balance of subjects in studies. We follow the National Curriculum, but broaden and adapt its scope to ensure that courses are constructed to suit the abilities and interests of our pupils. Our pupils are knowledgeable individuals – numerate, able to read with comprehension, write with skill, communicate effectively and responsibly; and able to demonstrate academic proficiency. However, we believe being successful also means having the opportunities, skills and qualifications to achieve your own personal goals and ambitions. Every pupil is different and our curriculum reflects this range of needs and abilities, enabling everyone to be the best they can be.

IMG_5944Pupils in Form 3 (Year 9) keep as many options open as possible, keeping a balance between the Sciences, Technology, Language, Humanities and Creative/Aesthetic Practical Subjects.

A broad subject base retains flexibility for the future and keeps open as many career opportunities as possible. Our aim is to help pupils reach decisions about GCSE subject choices by explaining in detail the courses on offer and the assessment requirements for every course.