Welcome to Year 6

This is clearly a very important year as our Year 6 children prepare for the transition to Senior School and the many new challenges that this presents.

In this, their final year in the Prep School, we place a great deal of emphasis therefore on preparing pupils, both academically and socially, for the next stage of their education.

By Year 6 it is our expectation that our pupils have developed into quite independent learners; that they have been equipped with the skills and understanding to be able to make many decisions for themselves and be confident in doing so. We also expect them to take on a wide range of new roles and responsibilities within the Prep School, to develop their leadership skills and support and guide our younger pupils.


In English, we want Year 6 pupils to develop into more discerning readers: recognising the different techniques and styles authors adopt to catch and maintain the reader’s attention, and the way different forms of writing are structured and organised.

We look at a range of text-types throughout the year, both fiction and non-fiction, and make comparisons between them. We then encourage our pupils to produce their own pieces of text for a range of different audiences and purposes.

We also place great emphasis on continuing to develop our pupils’ appreciation and understanding of grammar, punctuation and spelling. With the spelling, both individual and group spelling programmes are put in place to meet the differing needs of our pupils.


Our Year 6 Maths curriculum continues to build on previous learning, but with an added emphasis on encouraging pupils to select their own methods for tackling a range of mathematical problems involving number, money, measures, shape and space.

Other Subjects Taught

Having a specialist teacher from the Senior School to deliver the Year 6 Science curriculum ensures that our pupils are well prepared for the different aspects of Science they will meet in Key Stage 3. Access to the Senior School Science laboratories also means that the children can carry out a range of in-depth and fascinating investigations using the wide range of resources at their disposal.

In Humanities in Year 6, we encourage pupils to start to question events, outcomes, opinions and ideas, rather than just learning and recording facts.We want our pupils to question motives, to consider the consequences of natural and man-made developments, examine the work of charities and to develop their own views and opinions concerning the many issues that they will face now and in the future.

Specialist subject teachers based in the Senior School deliver many aspects of the Year 6 curriculum, including Spanish, Music, and Art and ensure that our pupils obtain the necessary skills and understanding to prepare them for the transition to secondary education.