Welcome to Year 5

In Year 5 pupils are taught by their class teacher for English, Maths, RE and ICT. Other specialist teachers cover subjects such as French, Music, ICT, History, Geography PE, Games.

We continue to build on all the hard work and input from the previous years, encouraging the children to develop greater independence by presenting them with a range of investigations and problem-solving activities.


English work is often based around a chosen author; looking at different writing styles and techniques, studying different genres of writing and helping pupils to create their own written examples. Emphasis is placed on developing comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills, as well as careful presentation.


We follow the Hamilton Trust scheme and use ‘Maths on Target’ to support our learning, differentiating the work to support the lower achievers and challenging the more able pupils. The children develop their recall and mental arithmetic skills through a range of activities, using practical maths equipment, maths games and challenges on the Interactive white board.

Other Subjects Taught

We aim to relate as much of the curriculum as possible to everyday life and base a percentage of lessons (especially Science) outdoors, making the most of our extensive school campus: encouraging pupils to investigate and respect their environment.

Off-site trips include visiting RHS Rosemoor Educatonal Centre for short courses ranging from soil analysis to creative writing ensure that our pupils have first- hand experiences from which to learn. We also like to make full use of the close proximity to the coastline for Geology and Geography projects and visit a number of historical sites during the year to bring our various topics to life. Our history topics include Ancient Egyptians and the Tudors. Who doesn’t enjoy learning about the ancient art of mummification and how Henry VIII dealt with nuisance wives?

Pupils in Year 5 take part in some form of physical activity each day and many are involved in the numerous sporting fixtures that are part of our on-going Preparatory School calendar. In addition to this, they have a ten week block of swimming lessons during the autumn term.

In Year 5 we expect class work to be followed up with a little homework.