Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4 we continue to build upon the concepts and strategies learnt in previous years but also start to place greater emphasis on whole class, group and independent learning.


Our English lessons continue with the formal elements of teaching spelling, grammar and punctuation. We also encourage the children to study the work of a variety of well-known children’s authors ranging from David Walliams to Shakespeare and to reflect on their styles and structures in their own creative writing.

The rich language and writing tools that the children experience through published stories we study, encourages them to want to move forward with their own writing skills and giving them something exciting to work towards. All the children, regardless of ability, are given individual guidelines to follow and targets to work towards.

The children have differentiated spellings that they take home to learn each week and they are given opportunities to practise them regularly at school.

Reading continues to be an important and integral part of the English curriculum in year 4. Shared and guided reading sessions ensure that our pupils understand the books they are reading and are able to begin to identify key features of the text. Every child has their own reading book which they read to their class teacher regularly throughout the week. These books are also taken home each day and parents are encouraged to listen to their children read.


In Year 4 we make our maths lessons fun and challenging by using a variety of resources, including interactive whiteboard games and quick starters. We feel that teaching through a range of aural, visual and kinaesthetic approaches, ensures that all our children’s learning styles are supported.

We follow the Hamilton Trust scheme, differentiating work accordingly to support our lower achievers and challenge our more able pupils. Mental arithmetic and multiplication tables play an important part in every maths lesson, as we strive to sharpen the children’s recall of number facts which will help them to tackle the rest of their maths work with more confidence.

The children in Year 4 are assessed at the end of every maths unit so that planning continues to meet the needs of the individual.

The children in year 4 have twenty minutes of Maths homework set each week.

Other Subjects Taught

The pupils in year 4 also study a range of other subjects including Science, History, Geography, RS, Music, French, ICT, Art, Games, PE and PHSE.

Our Year 4 Science curriculum places a great deal of emphasis on practical experimentation and investigation. As a result, we are now making great use of the outdoor environment and the wonderful resources that are available to us within our Senior School Science department.

With our History and Geography topics we use drama, role play, educational visits and a range of resources to capture the pupil’s interest and foster in them a desire to know more. With pupils of this age the emphasis needs to be on creative learning- so we often link Art, Craft, Technology and English to our Topic work.

The pupils also benefit from having a number of specialist teachers to deliver aspects of the curriculum. This includes French, Music, PE, and Games.

Year 4 pupils also benefit from a ten week block of swimming lessons during the autumn and spring term.

Pupils in year 4 also have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument if they wish.