Welcome to Year 3

Generally in Year 3 there are a small number of children, which enables the teacher to nurture the confidence and abilities of even the quietest or shyest child and lay the base for future development.

Emphasis is placed on acquiring language and developing imagination. We encourage children to exchange their ideas and to clarify their thoughts in discussion so that they will gain the confidence to express their ideas and opinions with clarity and justify their position, verbally and in writing.

Children in year 3 often work collaboratively and participate in simple role-play. Pupils are also given some autonomy and they are expected to use their initiative. They are frequently given the opportunity to adopt the role of the teacher in order to consolidate their knowledge.


Guided reading and writing sessions form a significant part of English lessons for pupils in year 3. Through the guided reading sessions, pupils develop better comprehension of text by reading together, listening to each other’s views and opinions and then discussing different aspects of the text. In shared and guided writing sessions the children then begin to develop a greater appreciation of sentence structure and different writing styles by working collectively on pieces of writing. From this starting point the children are then encouraged to apply the skills they have learned in their own creative writing. This includes aspects of spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as the content of their writing.


In Maths, the children will be continuing to build upon their knowledge of place value; reading, writing and ordering numbers and using this knowledge to improve mental calculation strategies. They will also work towards securing different and efficient written methods for solving the four operations, especially multiplication and division. They will apply their knowledge to problem solving in a range of different contexts.

Children in Year 3 will also learn recognise properties of 2d and 3d shapes, use standard measures to measure length, weight and capacity and tell analogue and digital time to the nearest minute.

Other Subjects Taught

The pupils in year 3 also study a range of other subjects including Science, History, Geography, RS, Music, French, ICT, Art, Games and PE.

Learning in both Science and Geography often takes place outside in our own spacious grounds. The hands on, stimulating approach broadens their experience and expands their knowledge in a practical way. Activities in these subjects often start from a problem which needs to be solved. Consequently, evaluation, design and ‘fair-testing’ become key elements of the lessons.

The rich, natural habitats that surround us are used regularly for investigating natural science.

Outside learning is not restricted to the School grounds, as educational trips further afield also feature significantly in the Year 3 curriculum. History topics are nearly always introduced through a trip or from the input of a visitor to the school. Our aim is always to promote open and enquiring minds and an enthusiasm for learning. This we believe is achieved where topics are brought to life through first- hand experience.

In year 3 pupils also benefit from having a number of specialist teachers to deliver aspects of the curriculum. This includes French, ICT, Music, PE, Games and Gymnastics.

Year 3 pupils also benefit from a ten week block of swimming lessons during the spring term.

They also have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and can join the School Choir if they wish.