A Word from the Head of the Prep School

Jo ConwayPrep School

Resilience and robustness are both key words that have a high profile in the Prep School, in terms of developing our children’s strength of character in response to challenge or adversity. In many ways, our sports grounds have shown similar characteristics this week, as following Sunday’s Gliddon and Squire Cross Country event, there were many parts of our site that were pure mud, and yet even after a week of heavy wind and rain, these areas are already recovering quickly. Many congratulations again to all of our Prep School runners who braved the elements to take part.

Our Prep assembly themes this week have included communication, body language, pets and managing stress. In Monday’s assembly, we also heard from our first Musicians of the Week for 2020, as Alfie and Summer both played pieces on the flute. It was also an opportunity to congratulate Arron, as he takes over the captaincy of Thorne House.

I hope you have a good weekend and the best of luck to our Year 6 children who are taking their Entrance and Scholarship assessments next week.