Shebbear College Prep School

We try to nurture in every child a real sense of pride in themselves and in their school.

From the moment you and your child walk into Shebbear College Preparatory School, you will appreciate what a friendly and welcoming place it is. Shebbear College prides itself on its outstanding pastoral care and we in the Prep School believe we play a crucial part in developing this at the very start of a child’s time at school.

We want all our pupils to feel secure and happy here and believe that this is so important in helping them to develop into confident and enthusiastic learners. We celebrate the individuality of our pupils and look to encourage them to pursue their strengths, to work hard to improve areas of weakness, as well as take on many new and exciting challenges.

Shebbear Prep 2

We try to nurture in every child a real sense of pride in themselves and in their school. We expect our children to be polite, well-mannered and eager to please and we believe that if our children are proud of their school and their place within it, they will get the best out of every opportunity they are presented with.

We also believe in developing a strong sense of togetherness and teamwork and always encourage our pupils to respect others and to support each other in all they do.

As you look at the different aspects of teaching and learning within both the Pre-Prep and Prep School you will see that we provide a rich and diverse curriculum for all our pupils. This curriculum is enriched further by a range of educational visits; giving our pupils first hand experiences and making their learning more relevant and real. We also make use of the extensive grounds and wonderful facilities we have at our doorstep, and employ number of subject specialists from within the Senior School to deliver our Prep School curriculum. As a result, our pupils benefit directly from their obvious expertise, their passion for the subjects they teach and the numerous resources they have at their disposal.

As a staff we are also committed to encouraging you as parents to become as involved as possible in the life of the Prep School, so that the ‘family feel’ continues to remain central to all we do and all we are. To promote this, we try to ensure that there is effective communication between school and home, regarding all aspects of school life and that all the staff make themselves available to discuss concerns and issues relating to the children at any time.

We are very proud of our Prep School and the part in plays in the life of the College as a whole. However, we don’t wish to rest on our laurels. Instead we are always looking for ways to build on what we already offer here and strive to improve the quality of teaching and learning that takes place.

Shebbear Prep 2


Our wonderful Pre-School is situated in Pyke House.

Our fantastic Pre-School facility offers a colourful, vibrant environment for our Pre-School children to thrive and learn. We regularly take the children to visit departments in the Senior School where they are able to interact with our older pupils and take part in exciting activities. They also enjoy weekly Forest School type activities in our woodland areas and regular trips to local attractions as well as visits from interesting guests.

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Shebbear Prep 2

Pre-Prep Years 1 & 2

Our Pre-Prep Years 1 and 2 classrooms are situated in Pyke House.

Small class sizes and the employment of both a full-time Teacher and full-time Teaching Assistant ensure that a tremendous amount of time and attention is paid to every child in the class. We believe that this is vital in ensuring that the necessary building blocks are put in place and our pupils get the best possible start in their education.

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Year 3

Generally in Year 3 there are a small number of children, which enables the teacher to nurture the confidence and abilities of even the quietest or shyest child and lay the base for future development.

Emphasis is placed on acquiring language and developing imagination. We encourage children to exchange their ideas and to clarify their thoughts in discussion so that they will gain the confidence to express their ideas and opinions with clarity and justify their position, verbally and in writing.

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Shebbear Prep 3

Shebbear Prep 4

Year 4

In Year 4 we continue to build upon the concepts and strategies learnt in previous classes and encourage whole class, group and independent learning. We strive to make lessons fun so that every pupil feels confident and eager to learn.

Our Literacy lessons have many formal elements with spelling, grammar and comprehension. We encourage exploration of these elements within their own creative work and by studying a variety of famous stories and childrens’ literature.

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Year 5

In Year 5 pupils are taught by their class teacher for English, Maths, Science, Art and Humanities. Other specialist teachers cover subjects such as French, Music, ICT, PE and Games.

In year five we continue to build on all the hard work and input from the previous years, encouraging the children to develop greater independence by presenting them with a range of investigations and problem-solving activities.

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Shebbear Prep 3

Shebbear Prep 6

Year 6

For the children in Year 6 this is clearly a very important year as they prepare for the transition to senior school and the many new challenges that this presents.

In this, their final year in the Prep School, we place a great deal of emphasis therefore on preparing pupils, both academically and socially, for this.

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