A Foundation for Learning
Trinity Term 2020

Your Remote Learning live lessons will start on 20th April 2020 at 8:15am

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Remote Learning Procedure Stage 2

Creating a Learning Space

Create a comfortable relaxing learning space at home. Make sure the area is well-lit, with a comfortable seat and a power supply nearby.  Make sure that you have Wifi coverage. On your desk you should have your pc, laptop, tablet device, your pencil case, a copy of your timetable and a supply of paper to make notes on. Make sure you have your school books close and organise them for the day, just like you would for school for your normal timetable. You can use a phone for the live communication parts if you like.


Our school timetable will be operated as close as we can to the normal school day.  Any changes will be covered by tutors at the morning live session. Teachers will post links to the live video sessions and the work will be set just before the lesson is due to start.


Ensuring our Pre-Prep pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided for is a priority at Shebbear College.  We will combine online lessons through Meet with teachers that use the tasks and methods used in class with Tapestry for our Reception pupils to provide a differentiated learning experience for each child to reach their targets and make progress.


Our Prep School pupils (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) will be excited to see our live video provision, starting as a tutor meeting each day with their class teacher to assess their wellbeing and emotional health and provide a bright start to the school day.  Our timetable has been delivered to parents and with a combination of video classes, project work and guided tutorial structures we have a great scheme of work planned for the Trinity term.

Senior School

Lower School

The day will start with a morning tutor Google Meet, this will be an opportunity to raise any issues pupils are encountering with their tutor and meet their fellow tutees. The timetable will then run through the day with a variety of lessons. Subject teachers will host Google Meets, use recorded videos and teach; this may be to introduce the lesson task, project or conclude the lesson.

Upper School

For Form 5 and U6, consolidating work for GCSEs and A levels will be the focus in the first part of term and bespoke post-16 and post-18 programmes set up for the respective year groups to help prepare our pupils through the transition to the next stage of their learning. For the L6, lessons will continue throughout the Trinity term with Google Meets used as a medium for teaching, alongside assignments.

Inter-House Competitions

We will be launching weekly Inter-House competitions through our website and social media.  If you have a great idea for a challenge, or would like to celebrate an unsung hero at this difficult time please contact Mrs Cardoo at


There will also be a suggested Activities programme overseen by Mrs Cardoo encouraging time away from screens.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Above all else, our pupils’ wellbeing and emotional health at this time are our priority. We aim to support all pupils through remote face-to-face tutor and teacher contact, as well as arranging group meetings with peers to enable less social isolation during this unprecedented time. We also recognise that using screens for long periods has many drawbacks. Therefore, pupils are encouraged to take regular breaks, maintain contact with peers, get fresh air, exercise, and maintain a reasonable balance between online engagement and offline activities.

Please access the attached document for more information about how we can safeguard your children. Wellbeing at Shebbear College

Code of Conduct

Your behaviour and attitude should be the same for ‘virtual school’ as it is when you are at Shebbear College. You are responsible for reading and agreeing to the ‘Student Guidelines for Remote Learning’.  Live lessons will be recorded for students in different time zones and we should always consider our responsibility to ourselves and others.

Live Video Lesson Etiquette

  • Connect 3 minutes early to your lesson
  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking
  • Wear appropriate clothes
  • Headphones can be used to improve sound quality
  • Make sure your learning space is well lit
  • Ensure what is in the background is suitable
  • Only share your screen when asked
  • Turn your camera off if your connection is poor
  • Raise your hand to ask to speak in a lesson or tutorial
  • Respect others and avoid talking at the same time as others
  • Make use of the ‘chat’ section to ask questions to your teachers during a lesson
  • Check your equipment is charged and working before the lessons/sessions

Testing your learning technology

Check your equipment in advance

Check all of your equipment prior to the lessons starting. Make sure you have the correct equipment charged, a strong WiFi connection and the correct apps installed.  If you have any issues, please check our help page help.shebbearcollege.co.uk or report them to , we are here to help you.

Learn the software

Live video lessons are going to be delivered through Google Hangouts Meet.  This can be accessed through the app or alternatively through our digital learning portal https://dlp.shebbearcollege.co.uk/ You will automatically launch the software when responding to a video meeting request sent by your teacher.

Prepare for digital learning

Google Classroom, your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), is going to be important in making progress in your learning. Make sure you are digitally organised and you know how to access your assignments, contact your teachers and how to submit and manage them.

Advice for parents

At Shebbear College, we understand that there are many challenges facing our parent community at this time and we want to do all we can to ensure that we are there to support you and your families. We will provide help and assistance where needed and want to reassure you that you do not need to teach, just facilitate and help your children work with us. We are committed to their wellbeing, their learning and their future. Please access the attached document for some ideas and guidance for home learning. Thoughts for Parents

Video help

Managing your Google Sign-in