Pastoral Care

Prep School

Shebbear College Prep School is a happy and caring school, and staff and pupils alike do everything possible to ensure that children settle quickly and happily. Although all staff take an interest in pastoral care, class teachers and house staff have the most contact and responsibility.

Class teachers get to know children in their charge very quickly and time is set aside to discuss and monitor problems. Children are encouraged to share their concerns and to ask for help. Parents are urged to make contact with class teachers or the Head of Prep School as soon as there is a need.

Senior School

A central principle underlying the pastoral system is that young people are most likely to be successful academically if they feel secure in their school environment.

To this end, Shebbear College gives great weight to the importance of effective induction and on-going guidance for each pupil in order to try to ensure that each young person is both happy and successful.

Shebbear Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Each pupil is assigned to a small tutor group and has a designated tutor who is responsible for overseeing both academic and social progress. Being a small school we believe that we provide the best in pastoral care; a view shared by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

The tutorial system provides excellent pastoral care of pupils … the excellent experience of boarding and the high level of care boarders receive strongly promote their personal development and they show strong levels of confidence, self-reliance and integrityISA Report