Examination Results

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A Levels 2018
– best ever results for Shebbear

Shebbear College is celebrating its best ever set of A Level results. The class of 2018 have emulated their immediate predecessors by achieving a 100% pass rate, but this year the percentage of students achieving grades from A*-B in the new linear A Levels was well above 60%.

One of the standout performers was Rob Temple who achieved an outstanding 3A*s and 1A in Biology, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry to secure his place at Oxford to read Medicine. This will not only mean that he will team up with three other Old Shebbearians currently studying for undergraduate degrees at England’s oldest university, but he will be able to follow his parents into the medical profession.

Other impressive performances came from Theo Crookes (Maths at Bath), Kate Wray (Neuroscience at Edinburgh), and Oliver Ryder Green (Economics at Edinburgh) who shared 4A*s and 6As between them to line up places at these top class Russell Group universities.

Emily Shepherd, who joined the Sixth Form from Holsworthy College achieved a rare A* at PE A Level to help secure her place at Birmingham while Rachel Pankhurst, who joined from Budehaven will be reading Music at Royal Holloway, having also been offered a scholarship at the Royal Welsh School of Music and Drama.

Head Prefects Jabez Weale and Heather Mathews will be studying History at Cardiff and Marine Biology at Liverpool respectively. Helen Dalton, who achieved an A* in Art as a Lower Sixth Former will be studying for a Foundation course in Art. Other students will be studying subjects as diverse as Veterinary Science to Fashion Design and Ancient History to Renewable Energy.

Headmaster Simon Weale said ‘I am delighted for all of our students and the motivated teachers who have supported them. I am always proud of our students, but this bunch are particularly special. They are all well rounded, articulate and they will make their mark on the world. Their list of achievements both in and out of the classroom is extraordinary. We do not select on ability as many Sixth Form colleges do, but we nevertheless challenge our students with the new A Levels, the toughest exams out there, as well as a host of extra-curricular activities and leadership roles. They do not all find it easy, but they come out of the process as resilient and self-reliant young people who punch above their weight and will thrive in the world of work’.

GCSE Results 2018

Students at Shebbear College are celebrating a strong performance in the new GCSE exams which are now graded from 1-9. As media reports suggest the new exams have become a much tougher challenge with far more content and much more focus on final exams. Our GCSE candidates nevertheless matched last year’s overall pass rate and well over 90% of students also achieved five passes or more (9-4).

The new top grade is grade 9 and it was really pleasing that three students got a clean sweep of these in their separate sciences which will allow them to follow, if they wish, this year’s top A Level students at Shebbear into much sought after science-based courses such as Medicine and Veterinary Science. At least one in six pupils achieved at least one grade 9 and Lizzie F recorded a remarkable ten grade 9s – surely one of the top individual performances in the South West. Several others were closely behind her with Will C, Jess B and Connie G all achieving results that would have placed them as the top performers in other years. Just as pleasing were the number of pupils who achieved the grades they required to go onto vocational courses at other colleges. Shebbear Art results are consistently outstanding and this year was no exception with eight students achieving grade 9 and four students achieving grade 8.

Headmaster Simon Weale said ‘The new GCSEs has provided a long and gruelling test for our students who have been used as guinea pigs in yet another educational experiment. It is to their credit they have come through this smiling and with deserved success. They are now well placed to enjoy and thrive education at 16+ – one of the best periods of anyone’s life’.