Vision, Mission & Values

Imagine a school continuously reinvented by a community of people who are energetic, playful, responsible, caring and committed to learning; a community that honours its illustrious past, yet embraces innovation.

Recognise the high level of achievement in exhibitions, projects, awards and special events which are a way of life. Observe all age groups making connections through the work they do, the problems they solve and the experience, strength and hopes they share. Envision technology used to invent the future, examine the past and make sense of the present. Consider the music, art, drama and physical movement used to learn languages, history, geography, science and maths, the means to nurture body, mind and spirit. Sense professionals committed to achieving extraordinary results in each moment of every ordinary day and children of all ages discovering the champion within.

Shebbear College is an adventure for the mind, a home for the heart and a foundation for life.

Our Mission is to Provide a Foundation for Life. We will recruit, develop, reward and retain staff of the highest calibre whose teaching excites and inspires.

We will create and resource innovative learning environments that engage and challenge all our pupils, developing in them a thirst for learning, regardless of ability.

We will stimulate the intellect, develop the physical and spiritually inspire by providing enrichment experiences locally, nationally and internationally, an extensive sporting calendar for individual and team events and participation in outdoor education.

We will provide and sustain the most up-to-date educational and living facilities, embracing state of the art technology and connectivity. We will demonstrate by example the importance of global citizenship.

We are proud of our strong Christian ethos which is supported by a school chaplain and regular worship that encourages charitable and community involvement as an integral part of school life. Christian values connote that we are an inclusive community where each individual is recognised for their unique self-worth.

We will act wisely and prudently in the management of our school, maintaining our financial stability and allocating resources effectively. We will operate with the honesty, integrity and openness that underpin our school’s values.

At Shebbear College we Value:

Community which is tolerant, considerate and nurtures moral responsibility, underpinned by Christian and family values.

Inclusiveness which welcomes pupils of all cultures and all faiths or none, for whom we work hard to provide a firm foundation for life.

Teaching which encourages curiosity, initiative, creativity, tenacity and above all, free thinking.

Pastoral care which develops confidence, stability, continuity, honesty, enthusiasm and loyalty in young people who are ready to influence the world.

John Wesley’s challenge to:
Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.