A thought from the Chaplain

Jo ConwayFrom the Chaplain

In Chapel at the start of this new term we are looking again at what makes Shebbear such a great school and we have started by looking at our school song.

It comes from a poem written in 23 BC by the poet Horace. He addresses it to his friend Aristius Fuscus and talks of attempting to live an honest and upright life whilst choosing to love those around us through the ups and downs of life.

Some will say it is easy to live well when times are good, but when faced with adversity can we still be upright, even loving others by putting them before ourselves?

Horace describes this in the first and last verse of his ode which make up the two verses of our song …

The person, whole and upright in life, unstained from crime,
Does not need a spear, or bow
The full quiver, or the poisoned arrow, Fuscus
Put me beneath the burning sun, in a land denied to us the human race
Even then, (through all that death and hardship) I will love my Lalage (his wife) who sweetly laughs and sweetly speaks.

These verses implore us to live well, being full of honesty, respect and upright in nature, encouraging us to learn the skill, in both good and bad times to laugh and love whatever the weather. This theme is echoed throughout the history of our school and indeed Methodism and it is something I, the Head and all the staff look forward to seeing in all of our pupils throughout this academic year.

Revd Mark Nightingale, Chaplain