Food & Nutrition

Adam Gould is our Catering Manager and he brings over 30 years professional experience as a chef and manager. It is his intention that Shebbear College should be known for its food throughout the private school sector.

Through carefully planned seasonal menus Adam aims to offer a delicious selection of nutritious meal choices every day for our day and boarding pupils, ensuring that meal times are an enjoyable experience that they will look forward to throughout the day.

Our dining team works hard to ensure that everyone enjoys tasty, nutritious meals prepared using only the freshest, quality ingredients.

Our pupils enjoy a tempting choice of meals on a daily basis, including hot main dishes, vegetarian selections, a range of cold meats, freshly made sandwiches and baguettes and a varied salad bar. Fresh fruit, yogurts and a traditional dessert are also available.

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All of our food is freshly prepared using ingredients sourced from selected and approved local producers and suppliers who deliver daily. Our vegetables, fruit, eggs, dairy, poultry, meat and bread come from no more than 30 miles away, meaning we can literally trace each meal from ‘farm to fork’ as well as supporting local businesses. All of our chicken is halal and we provide options for dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free.

Our seasonal menus are changed regularly, and we embrace the School Food’s Trust nutritional guidelines, actively encouraging pupils to eat nutritionally balanced meals. Our food contains no hydrogenated fats, salt, additives or undesirable preservatives and we aim to use less sugar wherever possible.

We have our own in-house catering department which enables us to employ and train all our own chefs. We take great pride in our autonomy as it allows us to produce the type of creative, fresh and nutritious food that appeals to our international community.

We are proud to use produce from suppliers who observe a high standard of animal welfare. This policy ensures no factory farming, lots of outdoor space and fresh air, encouragement of normal animal behaviour, no routine use of drugs, vaccines, no genetically modified feed or growth hormones and minimised stress in transport and slaughter.

Through tasty meals and fresh ingredients, we aim to make mealtimes at Shebbear College an enjoyable experience.

Our own trained chefs create tasty, nutritious meals:

  • Delicious Meals
  • Nutritionally Balanced
  • Freshly Prepared
  • Seasonal menus
  • Daily Deliveries
  • Local Suppliers
  • Low Food Miles
  • Traceable Produce
  • Animal Welfare Standards
  • No Hydrogenated Fats
  • Reduced Salt
  • No Undesireable Additives
  • Assured Standards
  • Trained Chefs
  • Hot Main Meals
  • Cold Daily Selection
  • Sandwiches & Baguettes
  • Varied Salad Bar
  • Delicious Puddings
  • Fresh Fruit & Yoghurts
  • Variety & Choice
Food from scratch