Exchange Programmes

Shebbear College is delighted to work closely with other schools from across the world to be able to provide reciprocal exchange opportunities for male and female students. Exchange programmes like this have been run by southern hemisphere schools for a number of years, and at Shebbear College we are fortunate to have members of staff who have worked in or with the associated schools. This allows us to be able to offer a life-changing experience for our students.

Each spring we look to send boys to Newlands Cricket School in Cape Town. This experience is open to boys in Form Four and above and we return the hosting arrangements when students from Newlands travel to Shebbear in the summer term.

Students in the Upper School have the opportunity to apply to travel to Australia after their GCSEs for the summer, where we link with Canberra Grammar School (male and female exchanges), Marist College (male only) and also Canberra and Kingswood College (male or female) in South Africa. Although these exchanges are very popular for our sporting students, we have deliberately worked to provide links with a variety of schools with different specialisms so we are able to place students appropriately. Timing the exchange as we do means that students can focus on academic studies prior to starting their A Levels with us in September. All our exchanges are reciprocal, meaning that the students that travel will then host their exchange when they return to Shebbear.

These exchanges provide a wonderful experience, and the quality and size of the exchange programme we offer is unmatched by other schools in the area. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Jamie Sanders
Head of Upper School and Head of Exchanges