Our Economics

Department Overview

The Sixth Form is the first opportunity for pupils to study Economics at Shebbear. Economics is the “Science of Wealth”! It is about choice because resources are relatively scarce. It is concerned with market forces, supply and demand and Government intervention. Exchange rates, imports and exports, inflation, unemployment, development and Government policy are all analysed.

Pupils who have a genuine interest in current national and international affairs should find the course stimulating. Economics is a contemporary subject, rooted in what is happening in the UK and the world economy today, and it will suit those who have an interest in politics and reading the papers. Because it is draws on a wide range of skills, it is an excellent background for those considering careers in business, banking, accountancy, law or politics.


The Economics department is located in the Pollard Wing, the classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard.

AS and A Level

Full details of AS and A Level subjects can be found on our 6th Form Subjects page.

Beyond the classroom

Every year we select pupils to participate in Target Two Point Zero; the Bank of England and The Times Interest Rate Challenge gives teams of students aged 16-18 the chance to take on the role of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, assess economic conditions and the outlook for inflation and tell panels of judges what monetary policy they would set to achieve the Government’s inflation target of 2.0%.

Also we offer all pupils the opportunity to participate in the IFS Student Investor Challenge and the annual student business conference at Disneyland Paris.

Student Investor is a UK wide investment game for students with a top prize of a trip to New York; whereas Business Live – at Disneyland -: allows them to meet business professionals who have made an impact in their specific area of expertise, gain an increased understanding of the issues that face businesses today, and also some free time to visit the Disneyland Parks.

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