Computer Science

 It is true to say that computer skills have become necessary in many aspects of school life; from lessons to leisure activities and after school homework, computers are used to research and enhance many tasks and activities.  Our pupils acquire computer skills easily and confidently.  Our network joins staff and pupils to each other – and with the rest of the world through the internet.

Department Overview

The Junior (years 1 – 6) School pupils enjoy weekly Computer Science lessons in the Prep School or Babbage computer suite where the introduction of typing tutor is helping them to improve their keyboard, accuracy and spelling skills. Chromebooks are also available to research cross-curricular projects and specialised Computer Science lessons within the Prep School classrooms.  When pupils join the Senior School they are guided through e-safety with encouragement to develop their communication skills as well as learning to become efficient users of applications software such as Microsoft Office Suite.

Computer Science is taught discretely to all classes throughout Key Stage 3 with the opportunity to study and be awarded the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) qualification. The aim is to ensure that all students are competent and confident users of computer technology and that they can make efficient and appropriate use of their computer skills to enhance their learning in any subject.  Students have the opportunity to obtain the EDEXCEL GCSE Computer Science qualification, at the end of Key Stage 4.


The department consists of the Babbage and Bach computer suites which cater for over 20 users each,  together with the library computer resource centre for private and additional study.  The Prep School has two trollies of re-chargeable Google Chromebooks for use in Prep classrooms.  The server room and Pascal systems manager’s room contain the central core of the college wide computer systems.  The College computer infrastructure continues to be renewed and expanded with upgrades to the wireless access throughout the whole campus and internet connection which has enabled the staff and pupils to research and communicate across the world.


Our 4th and 5th Form Curriculum Guide gives full details of all GCSE subjects – please download this document from the Senior Curriculum page.

A Level Computer Science and BTEC Creative Media Digital Production

Full details of A Level and BTEC subjects can be found on our 6th Form Subjects page.