Department Overview

Pupils from Form 3 upwards are taught Biology as a separate science subject and are able to take Biology as a separate GCSE, as part of Science or Additional Science GCSEs. All relevant areas of Biology are covered, from ecology and food chains through to biochemistry and DNA.

Our newly refurbished Biology lab is well equipped for almost any biological investigation. We have a greenhouse and a diverse wildlife area with a pond and 15 acres of grass and marshland on campus to enable pupils to undertake field studies without having to travel.

In the Classroom

There is a smart interactive whiteboard and access to a massive library of digital resources, there are a number of thermostatically controlled water baths, a high light intensity plant propagator, as well as centrifuges to separate cell organelles for individual study.

The nature of biology leads to practical exploration of the subject and the laboratory is set up to maximise the learning opportunities presented by experimentation.

Biology at GCSE

Our 4th and 5th Form Curriculum Guide gives full details of all GCSE subjects – please download this document from the Senior Curriculum page.

Biology at AS and A2 Level

Full details of AS and A Level subjects can be found on our 6th Form Subjects page.

Beyond the Classroom

The Biology department has close links with Exeter University School of Biosciences and makes at least two visits to the University each year.

We attend a DNA workshop that allows students to access cutting-edge research technology to carry out simple DNA analysis as well as attend a seminar on the current research underway at the University. We make regular visits to Paignton Zoo to develop an understanding of the role of zoos in global species conservation.

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