The aims of the Art Department

It is the intention of the Art Department at Shebbear College to provide every pupil with the opportunity to discover the pleasure of looking at and making of art with a view to enrich the quality of their lives.

In line with the aims and objectives of the national curriculum, examination boards and that of the College we enable all pupils to fulfill their potential.

Forms 1 to 3 have the opportunity to discover a full range of art from pottery to textiles. These projects tend to be of a shorter duration and vary to maintain enthusiasm. From Form 4 and especially in the examination years at GCSE and A Level pupils are asked to attempt to write their own schemes of work if they have an art project in mind they would like to pursue, thus giving them positive ownership. Our pupils take on board the following points of action and regularly achieve grade A to A*.


Our Art Department comprises a pottery studio with kiln room, a textiles studio and two large painting studios.

With access to excellent equipment and materials, all of our pupils have a tremendous opportunity to fully develop their artistic skills and interests.

Art at GCSE

Our 4th and 5th Form Curriculum Guide gives full details of all GCSE subjects – please download this document from the Senior Curriculum page.

Art at AS Level and A Level

Full details of all AS and A Level courses can be found on our 6th Form Subjects page.