Congratulations to our new Sanctuary Team for 2020-21

Jo ConwayAchievements, Sixth Form

We are delighted to announce our new Sanctuary Team for 2020-21! Huge congratulations to Poppy (Head Girl), Samuel (Head Boy), Bess (Deputy Head Girl) and Findlay (Deputy Head Boy). Our four new Heads of House complete the team – congratulations to Laura (Head of Ruddle), Eden (Head of Pollard), Bridget (Head of Way) and Archie (Head of Thorne).

Potato Clock

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Prep School

The children in Years 1 and 2 have been learning about digital time and put together a fantastic potato clock. The clock works without electricity!

LAMDA Success for Prep Pupils

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Prep School

Many congratulations to Angus and George, for gaining their LAMDA Speaking Verse and Prose (Entry Level 3) certificates, both with distinctions. Congratulations also to George for being awarded his Speaking Verse and Prose (Grade 1), also with distinction.

Successful Fundraising Cake Sale

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Charity

A very big thank you to all who contributed to the fundraising cake sale that took place earlier this week. It was a great success. We managed to raise just over £192 for Wires, Australia

Youth Speaks North Devon

Shebbear CollegeAcademic, Achievements

Shebbear College senior teams performed extremely well, demonstrating their passion for the topics in hand and some genuinely impressive skills in public speaking. The competition was very tough; the other teams were equally well prepared and everyone shone in different ways on the day. The judges said that the competition was incredibly close. Sadly, despite highly commended performances, neither of … Read More

National Storytelling Week in the Prep School

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Prep School

As part of National Storytelling Week in the Prep School, many of our Year 6 pupils have been reading their own stories to Years 1 and 2 this week. Year 6 have been busy penning their stories to enter the BBC Radio 2 ‘500 Words’ competition, with titles including ‘Moo’s Laughing Now?’, ‘A Weekend at Uncle Cleetus’s Farm’, ‘Monster’, ‘The … Read More

Tom takes on the Morse code challenge

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Prep School

Many congratulations to Tom, as he took on the challenge of writing out his weekly spellings in Morse code. Not only did he have to learn his twenty spellings, but he also set himself the task of learning Morse code. In the pressure cauldron of Monday morning’s assembly, Tom was successful, even having to spell out words such as ‘agoraphobia’! … Read More

Political Parties

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Senior School

Shebbear College pupils put Christmas on hold this week and concentrated on politics. Five pupils chose to represent political parties of their choice. They campaigned to their constituents in the early part of the week and the senior school body went to the polls on Wednesday. After voting was concluded Samuel, representing the Liberal Democrat party , was elected with a landslide victory.

Prep House Spelling Bee

Shebbear CollegeAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

This year’s House Spelling Bee proved to be a great spectacle, as the competition was fierce. Children from Years 1-6 stepped forward to represent their Houses and all those who took part deserve much credit for putting themselves in the hot seat. Congratulations to our final three in each category. For Years 1 and 2, Oliver was third, Emilia finished … Read More

The Geocreate Pupils

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, CoCurricular, Senior School

The Geocreate pupils have made fantastic 3D advent calendars. The idea behind the calendar is that you pull out a lolly stick and watch Santa moving slowly down the chimney. The talented group used old pringle cans, lolly sticks, cereal boxes and paints. Next week the Geocreate pupils will be making Christmas tree decorations

Year 6 Public Speaking Competition

Shebbear CollegeAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

From ‘RMS Titanic’ to ‘Tresco’ and from ‘Sheep’ to ‘Rugby’, the topics for the Year 6 Public Speaking competition were certainly varied and entertaining. Mrs Shamsolahi, Head of English in the Senior School, was our adjudicator on Tuesday morning, and she gave comprehensive feedback on each of the performances. All of the children put their best foot forward, speaking with … Read More

Prep School Weekly Award Winners

Shebbear CollegeAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

Congratulations to our Golden Sticker winners this week: Lara, Katherine, Tyler, Lila-Mai, Bella and Tom. Our BAFTA (Behaviour Award for Thoughtful Actions) was awarded to Summer, with Robert being the very worthy winner of our Manners Medal. We were also treated to a really excellent A cappella singing performance of ‘A Million Dreams’ by Arron. Well done to all of … Read More

Senior Boys Badminton

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Boys Sports

The senior boys badminton team played Kingsley this week, which was a great success. Shebbear ended up winning 10-4 overall, with all members of the team winning their singles match

U16 North Devon Rugby Champions

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Boys Sports

The U16 Rugby boys had a fantastic afternoon in West Buckland at the annual North Devon Tournament. We played against the best West Buckland , Park School , South Molton, Great Torrington, Bideford and Braunton had to offer and in fairly windy conditions managed to end the day unbeaten and returned to Shebbear as well deserved tournament winners

Weekly Award Winners in the Prep

Shebbear CollegeAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

Congratulations to this week’s golden sticker winners: Annie, James, Harry, Dixie, Issy and Theo. Our BAFTA winner was Emily, and Alfie won the Manners Medal. Many congratulations to all of these children on their achievements.

Prep School Chess Tournament

Shebbear CollegeAchievements, Prep School

The Prep School Chess tournament is in full swing, with twenty-two players from Year 2 to Year 6 putting their name in the draw. Matches are played most lunchtimes, with the final taking place towards the end of November.