RSC UK Chemistry Olympiad success for our A-Level Chemists

Jo ConwayAcademic, Sixth Form


Well done to our A-Level chemists, Samuel, Archie, Jude, Ian, Kamilla, Sam, Harrison, Noah, Ben and Blythe, who all took part in Round 1 of the Royal Society of Chemistry UK Chemistry Olympiad in January, showing admirable positivity and tenacity and really putting their all into this incredibly demanding competition – a true test of intellect, reason, character and perseverance. … Read More

Amiee aces GCSE paper at age 10!

Jo ConwayAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

amiee_aces_gcse_maths (1)

Amiee in Prep 5 deserves a special mention today – she was getting on so well with division in her Maths lesson that Mr Butler set her a challenge of having a go at some GCSE questions! She whizzed through them and only got one question wrong. Not bad for a 10 year old – amazing work Amiee!

An electric end of Half Term!

Jo ConwayAcademic, Prep School

Years 3 and 4 have been talking about electricity in their Science lessons, looking at appliances that run on mains electricity and those that require batteries. In their Science lesson this week, the children learnt how to identify and name the basic parts of a circuit, including cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers, before designing and constructing their own series … Read More

Inspirational achievements from our Alumni

Jo ConwayAcademic, Careers, Old Shebbearians

We love hearing about what our Old Shebbearians are up to now. Here is a snapshot of some of their achievements – thank you for inspiring all of us! Congratulations to Nadia (Class of 2017) who has graduated from the University of Reading with a 2:1 in Psychology (BSc) and is now off to the University of Manchester to start … Read More

Year 6 Poetry Recital Competition

Jo ConwayAcademic, Prep School

Year 6 took part in their Poetry Recital competition this morning. The adjudicator was Mrs Shamsolahi, Head of English in the Senior School, and she was given the extremely difficult job of choosing a winner from a selection of excellent recitals and performances from the children. The final results were Keira (School Days) in third place, Lydia (Granny) in second … Read More

Prep 5 History

Jo ConwayAcademic, Prep School

As part of our history topic on the Vikings, the prep 5 children made models and PowerPoint presentations. All the children did an individual piece and then presented it to the class. All of them were outstanding and the work was of the highest quality.

Youth Speaks North Devon

Jo ConwayAcademic, Achievements

Shebbear College senior teams performed extremely well, demonstrating their passion for the topics in hand and some genuinely impressive skills in public speaking. The competition was very tough; the other teams were equally well prepared and everyone shone in different ways on the day. The judges said that the competition was incredibly close. Sadly, despite highly commended performances, neither of … Read More

L6 Form Business Studies Students

Jo ConwayAcademic, Senior School

Lower 6 Form Business Studies students were given a tour around the manufacturing facility at Bott Ltd, Bude. Bott provide high quality workplace and vehicle storage solutions and have been located in Bude since the 1970’s. The tour gave the students a real appreciation of how to organise the operations of a manufacturing facility on such a large scale. This … Read More

Congratulations Lizzy!

Jo ConwayAcademic

Congratulations to Lizzy for her conditional acceptance to study Theology at Oxford University!

Form 5 Debate

Jo ConwayAcademic, Senior School

Form 5 took part in a weekly tutor period yesterday and listened to a debate on whether ‘the use of mobile phones by pupils in school promotes learning and should be encouraged’. These sessions form part of the Skills for Success programme that all pupils in Form 5 take part in on a regular basis . These sessions include study … Read More

Prep House Spelling Bee

Jo ConwayAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

This year’s House Spelling Bee proved to be a great spectacle, as the competition was fierce. Children from Years 1-6 stepped forward to represent their Houses and all those who took part deserve much credit for putting themselves in the hot seat. Congratulations to our final three in each category. For Years 1 and 2, Oliver was third, Emilia finished … Read More

Year 6 Public Speaking Competition

Jo ConwayAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

From ‘RMS Titanic’ to ‘Tresco’ and from ‘Sheep’ to ‘Rugby’, the topics for the Year 6 Public Speaking competition were certainly varied and entertaining. Mrs Shamsolahi, Head of English in the Senior School, was our adjudicator on Tuesday morning, and she gave comprehensive feedback on each of the performances. All of the children put their best foot forward, speaking with … Read More

Prep School Weekly Award Winners

Jo ConwayAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

Congratulations to our Golden Sticker winners this week: Lara, Katherine, Tyler, Lila-Mai, Bella and Tom. Our BAFTA (Behaviour Award for Thoughtful Actions) was awarded to Summer, with Robert being the very worthy winner of our Manners Medal. We were also treated to a really excellent A cappella singing performance of ‘A Million Dreams’ by Arron. Well done to all of … Read More

Weekly Award Winners in the Prep

Jo ConwayAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

Congratulations to this week’s golden sticker winners: Annie, James, Harry, Dixie, Issy and Theo. Our BAFTA winner was Emily, and Alfie won the Manners Medal. Many congratulations to all of these children on their achievements.

Prep School Museum Trip

Jo ConwayAcademic, Prep School

On Tuesday the 12th of November, an excited group of Year 3, 4 and 5 children went to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. They took part in a day of activities that focused on Ancient Egypt. The pupils enjoyed learning how to write their names using hieroglyphics. This was followed by a well enjoyed fast-paced game of Senet. … Read More

A Word From the Head of the Prep School

Jo ConwayAcademic, Music, Prep School

Yesterday evening saw our first Informal Music Concert of the year take place in the Music Centre. Fifteen children, from Year 1 to Year 6 took part in what was a very enjoyable concert, with a lot of talent on show. Some of these children have already performed in front of several audiences, and for others it was their very … Read More

Form 2 Outdoor Education

Jo ConwayAcademic, CoCurricular

Form 2 pupils had a fantastic time this week during their Outdoor Educational lessons when they visited Abbotsham Cliff. They partook in stone balancing!

Year 1 & 2 Learn about Germs

Jo ConwayAcademic, Prep School

This week the year 1 & 2’s have been investigating germs during their Science lessons. The class used ‘glitter bugs’ on their hands and tried to remove it by using a dry cloth, cold water and warm water and soap. It’s safe to say that the Year 1 & 2’s now know the best way to remove germs from their … Read More