Careers Newsletter – October 2019

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In our comprehensive Careers Newsletter this week: Blair’s 50% target reached; VetQuest day at Bristol Uni; New creative careers website; End of the GDL and LPC to come; Candidates filtered by tick box university rankings; T- Level Action Plan now out; 50% of young people now enter Higher Education; UK Government urged to come up with new Robot and AI strategy by the end of 2020; Students prioritise financial security (59%) over wealth (13%) or fame (9%); J.P.Morgan introduce games based tool to help young people explore the latest opportunities; Oxford University aims to engage young people through Oxplore!; The Edge Hotel School – A unique degree in a four star hotel; Solicitors Qualifying Exam will replace the Graduate Diploma in Law in 2021; Careers Insight Events in November and January; JAMES accredited Music Technology and Production Degrees