Prep School Gymnastics

Jo ConwayBoys Sports, Girls Sports, Prep School

On Saturday the 29th of February, the Prep School gymnastics squad took part in the North Devon Schools’ Gymnastics Competition at Kingsley School where over 500 children were competing in the two disciplines of floor and vault. This was a culmination of many months of training and preparation. and the Shebbear College children showed immense bravery and fortitude as there were hundreds of spectators watching the participants perform their routines and the judging panel were thorough in their scoring. The Under 9 squad featuring Dixie-Belle, Scarlett and Emma performed well and were awarded participants medals and certificates. The Under 11 squad, really rose to the occasion on the day and managed to secure bronze medals overall with their confident execution and technique on the apparatus. Congratulations to Issy, Jemima Summer and James on their success.