Girls’ Boarding

Ruddle House is a girl’s ‘home from home’.

The girls in Ruddle House have everything they need to relax, play and achieve in a modern boarding house with a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Each room has its own internet access making leisure time, study and communication easier and more enjoyable. The living room areas are homely and comfortable and have all the necessary facilities to allow the girls to relax with friends, watch television and DVDs, listen to music and play games. The main living room has a kitchen area where the girls can make drinks and snacks, bake cakes and do basic cooking.

The bedrooms are spacious and homely and the girls are encouraged to decorate their rooms to reflect their individual personalities. Toilets and shower rooms are clean and modern and offer privacy and comfort.

All the school facilities are available for our boarders to use in the evenings and at weekends and there is also a wealth of activities for them to get involved in.

The girls have the security of close supervision by our experienced and caring house staff, and they are given the freedom to grow and mature within the safety of a ‘family environment’.

Boarding life offers a healthy balance between working hard during the structured and disciplined school day and the opportunity to enjoy their free time at leisure with their friends.