Boarding for Children of Forces Families

Our boarding staff are experienced with the needs of children from service families.

For many service personnel, placing their children in a safe, caring UK boarding school is a much better option than taking families with them when they are posted overseas. This avoids the disruption to education experienced with frequent postings and relocations.

The Boarding School Allowance (BSA) is provided to enable children of service families to have the continuity of education that is so important. Shebbear College offers a safe, stable environment within which children can thrive, grow and learn. Parents can relax, knowing that their children are happy and well cared for during the formative years of their young lives.

From their first day at Shebbear College, boarders are encouraged to develop independence. The beauty of a boarding life for all the pupils is the healthy balance between working hard in a structured and disciplined academic sense and then the opportunity to flourish and enjoy healthy, good-hearted fun. They are expected to look after their rooms and possessions, organise their time effectively and plan their studies carefully. Living with others instills valuable skills that will be carried through life; how to co-operate with others and build positive relationships. Friendships made during boarding often last a lifetime. Our boarders become able to support others and are tolerant of those who may come from a variety of backgrounds and different cultures.

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