Year 6 Public Speaking Competition

Jo ConwayAcademic, Achievements, Prep School

From ‘RMS Titanic’ to ‘Tresco’ and from ‘Sheep’ to ‘Rugby’, the topics for the Year 6 Public Speaking competition were certainly varied and entertaining. Mrs Shamsolahi, Head of English in the Senior School, was our adjudicator on Tuesday morning, and she gave comprehensive feedback on each of the performances. All of the children put their best foot forward, speaking with poise and confidence. Congratulations to all of Year 6 and to Elsie who finished in third place (Why I love Pugs), Theo in second (My dad’s career as a Royal Marines Bandsman) and to our winner Jemima (Why Christmas is my Favourite Time of Year). Our thanks also to Mrs Shamsolahi for adjudicating the competition.