Prep School Museum Trip

Jo ConwayAcademic, Prep School

On Tuesday the 12th of November, an excited group of Year 3, 4 and 5 children went to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. They took part in a day of activities that focused on Ancient Egypt. The pupils enjoyed learning how to write their names using hieroglyphics. This was followed by a well enjoyed fast-paced game of Senet.

They were lucky enough to be treated to a guided tour of the museum, including a visit to the tomb of RAMM’s very own mummy and coffin. The coffin contained the remains of Shep en-Mut, a woman who lived approximately three thousand years ago!

The final activity was based on the art of mummification. The children worked their way through the complicated rituals that were used when preserving the organs and bodies of the dead, luckily their patients were made out of fabric and felt no pain!

A brilliant day was had by all, coming away with a much broader knowledge of Egyptian daily life, rituals and artifacts.