Welcome to Pre-Prep Years 1 & 2

The Pre-Prep classroom is situated in Pyke House and is for both our year 1 and 2 pupils. Small class sizes and the employment of both a full-time Teacher and full-time Teaching Assistant ensure that a tremendous amount of time and attention is paid to every child in the class. We believe that this is vital in ensuring that the necessary building blocks are put in place and our pupils get the best possible start in their education.

Many of pupils in the class were already here at Shebbear in our Pre-Prep 1 class, (also situated in Pyke House) and will have happily made the transition into Year 1 However, whether your child has started in our Pre-Prep 1 class or come straight into our class, they will receive a warm welcome.

Our class has a friendly and happy atmosphere which helps all the children feel secure and aids learning.

We make the most of our beautiful surroundings by taking outside when we can, giving the children hands on experience of nature, science and the environment.

The children follow a rich and varied curriculum in Pre-Prep 2 including English and Maths in the mornings and Topic work – encompassing Science, History Geography, Art, Craft and Cookery – in the afternoons.

In addition to this the children also have ICT, Music, RE, Games, PE and Gymnastics lessons- some of which are taught by specialist subject teachers.

We also recognise the importance of teaching children a foreign language from a very early age and therefore all the pupils in year 1 and 2 receive French. The French lessons will continue throughout their time in the Preparatory School.

All of the children are taught to play an instrument as part of their music studies. Year 1 pupils learn to play the Irish whistle and Year 2 have weekly violin lessons.

Individual music lessons are also available in a variety of instruments, taught by our very talented peripatetic music teachers.


During English lessons our puppets Sid and Boris, help us to learn our phonics and spelling kills and we also use a wide range of books and stories as the basis for our written work. We follow a structured reading scheme and the children all have individual reading books to take home at the end of the day. All pupils in the class will practise their reading with a member of staff each day. Correct letter formation is taught through formal handwriting lessons and by the end of Year 2 many pupils will be developing a joined up handwriting style.


We thoroughly enjoy our Maths lessons as we develop a firm foundation of basic skills through a variety of formal, mental and practical activities. We encourage individual, paired and grouped investigations and the children use their workbooks as an assessment and record of their understanding. We regularly revisit areas of learning in maths, to consolidate and extend the children’s mathematical experience and develop their overall confidence with number systems.