Our Allowances


Allowances apply to day fees only, not boarding fees and are available to those meeting the following criteria:-

  • Members of the Armed Forces and Police
  • Siblings attending the school
  • Children of Old Shebbearians
  • Children of families living in the Parish of Shebbear
  • Methodist Ministers

Siblings Allowance

  • 2 siblings concurrently at the college – 10% remission for the youngest child.
  • 3 siblings concurrently at the college – 40% remission for the youngest child.
  • 4 siblings concurrently at the college – 60% remission for the youngest child.   These remissions are not cumulative.

Armed Forces and Police

  • Children of families in the armed forces receive 10% (Senior School) and 5% (Prep School) remission of fees.
  • Children of families in the police receive 15% remission of fees.

Childrens of Families Living in Shebbear

  • Children of families living in the parish of Shebbear receive a 10% remission of the school fee.

Children of Old Shebbearians

  • Children of Old Shebbearians receive a grant of £150 per term (£450 per year) in remission of fees.

Methodist Ministers

  • Children of Methodist Ministers receive 50% remission of tuition fees.

Information on Allowances

Note: Allowances are not cumulative (i.e. an Old Shebbearian living in Shebbear will not receive both a £450 remission and a 10% remission for their child but will be awarded the highest single remission of 10% etc).

For further details of these allowances and discussion of Bursary and Scholarship awards please make an appointment with the Headmaster.

There are also various Trusts that can be approached to assist with school fees in certain circumstances.

For more information please email: registrar@shebbearcollege.co.uk